The first time I heard of them, Lowell was going to Atlanta for the New Years '99 WSP shows with his sister. When he got back, he gave me some discs to listen to. Lowell told me to check these guys out, and I did. At first, it sounded very 'Southern' but I definitely caught on quick. One Arm Steve, Bear's Gone Fishin', Greta, Tall Boy, and Dyin' Man got me hooked right away. Bombs & Butterflies and 'Til The Medicine Takes were my first WSP discs. Then I went to my first show at the Fleet Boston Pavilion in the summer of 2000, and that sealed it. Since then, I've come to appreciate even songs like The Waker that I thought I would never like, but is now one of my favorites.... especially the time I saw it live on New Years 2000.

 This page will be a record of one man's belligerent attempt to put into pictures and words his experiences related to Widespread Panic. Have a good time!

Below are pictures from Justin and Lowell's experience in the River 92.5 studio with Sunny and JB on 11/8/01
JB signs for a girl
Lowell's license plate
Justin's CD cover